COVID19: Please seal all garbage in plastic bags for the safety of your Driver.

Washington County Board of Commissioners approves $2.00 surcharge



COVID19 and your solid waste. Please plastic bag all your garbage for the safety of your garbage hauler. Do not plastic bag recycling. Current guidance from the Oregon DEQ is that materials potentially exposed to the COVID19 virus (materials such as disposable wipes, gloves, facemasks) must be placed in a sealed plastic bag and then placed with your regular trash. Please place ALL garbage in Sealed Plastic bags in your garbage cart or can, as it is impossible to tell which materials have been exposed to COVID19 and which have not. Also, Swatco has implemented restrictions to their Office and Facilities. Entrance to the office and facilities will be by appointment only, the doors will be locked during normal business hours. Garbage collection is a critical component in maintaining the health and safety of the people of Western Washington County and these measures are being taken to ensure that that service is maintained.

Swatco Sanitary Service provides residential, commercial, drop box, refuse and recycling services to Western Washington County including: Banks, Buxton, Dairy Creek, Dixie Mountain, Gales Creek, Logie Trail, Manning, Pumpkin Ridge, Verboort, Roy and Timber.

Swatco picks up residential and commercial routes on all holidays except Christmas and New Years Day. Drop box service is Monday through Friday, excluding all Federal Holiday

Payments take up to 48 hours to post excluding weekends and holidays.

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As always, please have all containers at the road for collection by 6 am.  Click link below for the calendar link and app information for recycling pickup days.

Swatco Sanitary Service

15945 NW Sellers Rd, Banks, OR 97106

(503) 324-0230