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20 Yard Drop Box

The bottom of this page has important forms to download

Swatco has 30 cubic yard, 20 cubic yard and 10 cubic yard drop boxes (roll offs) available.  10 cy drop boxes are for dirt and concrete disposal only.


30 cy box is approximately 20 feet long, 8 feet wide and 7 feet tall with doors in the back for easy loading.       


20 cy box is approximately 16 feet long, 8 feet wide and 6 feet tall with doors in the back for easy loading.


Prohibited Items: Asbestos and Asbestos containing materials(DEQ asbestos information fact sheet for residential homeowners) ,Food Waste, Diapers, Human or Animal Waste, Paints, Thinners, Wood Stains, Solvents, Caustics, Ammunition, Explosives, Batteries, Pesticides, any other toxic or hazardous substance (containers or contents), TV's, monitors, and computers. Barrels must be empty and flattened or one end removed. No wet kitchen garbage!  As of January 1st, 2010, it is illegal to dispose of TV's, monitors and computers in Landfills.  Call 503-234-3000 for the nearest FREE electronics recycling center.  Starting January 1, 2018 all drop box loads must have a completed Metro Waste Acceptance form prior to loadout from your property. See Form at bottom of page in Important forms section.

Asbestos surveys:  All commercial sites require an asbestos survey for remodeling or demolition activities.  Residential sites:  Survey is required for demolition activities at a residence constructed prior to January 1, 2004. For more information see SB 705. DEQ rule 248 Asbestos Requirements with highlights for changes due to SB 705. For Asbestos assistance email:  deqnwrasbestos@deq.state.or.us or call DEQ 503-229-5982

Drop box must be placed on firm level ground free of overhead obstructions. Swatco is not responsible for damage to any overhead obstructions that may be damaged placing or removing a drop box. Nor is Swatco responsible for any marks left on the ground during the placement and removal of a roll on, roll off drop box (rolling marks on the ground are common). 

Large household appliances containing CFC (refrigerators and freezers) are an additional charge of $46.00 at the Landfill. Large household Non-CFC containing appliances are an additional charge of $32.00 at the Landfill.

Other additional charges include:

Passenger tires off the rim: $8.00 per tire $19.00 minimum

Passenger tires on the rim: $10.00 per tire $21.00 minimum

Truck tires off the rim: $19.00 per tire $30.00 minimum

Truck tires on the rim: $31.00 $42.00 minimum

Automotive Batteries:  $3.00 per battery $14.00 minimum

Drop Boxes can only be level loaded. They cannot be heaped up or have material sticking out. The driver may, at his option, refuse to load out an overfilled box, fix the load so it is legal at an additional charge, or empty the load on the customer’s property in order to legally remove the box.

Doors at the back of the box need to be closed and latched top and bottom when we come to pick up the box.

The customer is responsible not to damage the box and to evenly load it so doors can be freely closed. Customer is also responsible to notify us by 3 pm the day before they need the box picked up. Be sure and specify whether you want the box emptied and returned or just removed. Demurrage (box rent) is charged for each additional day after the first 2 business days of having the box.

Total fee for service includes; Delivery Fee + Haul Fee + Disposal Fee + Mileage Charge + any penalties that may be incurred due to overweight drop boxes + Demurrage ($6.59/Day for 20cy, $8.66 per day for 30cy) + Government Fees(3% Franchise, 10% Operating Margin). Mileage charge is $2.69 per haul mile from pick up of the box containing material to nearest authorized disposal site by public highway.

 Washington County Rates for Drop Boxes 


Metro Waste Acceptance Form (pdf)


Do's and Don'ts 1-11-18 (pdf)


List of suspect Asbestos Containing Materials (pdf)