Residential Recycling


Swatco provides every other week recycling in the Rural areas of Washington County.

 Place the following items all together in the grey recycling carts with blue lids:

- Newspapers

- Magazines

- Scrap Paper

- Milk Cartons

- Metal Cans

- Aerosol Cans

- Scrap Metal

- Plastic Bottles with necks (i.e. Milk jug is OK, but no food trays or plastic bags), plastic tubs (yogurt, butter etc) Plastic buckets, and rigid 4 inch diameter and larger plastic planting pots.

DO NOT PUT PLASTIC BAGS, PLASTIC FILMS, CLAM SHELL FOOD PACKAGING, TOYS OR STYROFOAM IN YOUR RECYCLE CART! To find a paint care location to take wet paint follow the link Paint Care Locator.

Wet Paint is not allowed in garbage or recycle containers.



On The Side

Place motor oil and glass to the side of the red recycling bins as follows:

Motor Oil: Pour used motor oil into a "see-through," unbreakable container with a screw top lid. No other liquids will be accepted. Place next to your red recycling bins.


Glass: GLASS BREAKS! When mixed with other recyclables,

machinery and pose a safety hazard to workers. 

Remove lids, rinse thoroughly, and place glass in a rigid container (bucket or bin) to separate glass from other materials. Place bucket next to the red recycling bins.  Do Not Place Glass in Paper or Plastic Bags!

No broken glass, cookware, window glass, mirrors, light bulbs, or drinking glasses.



Materials Not Accepted in Residential Recycling

Proper preparation is important to make recycling work. Do not place these into your residential recycling. For information about how to recycle these items or other “hard to recycle items,” contact Metro Recycling Information Center at (503) 234-3000 

Plastic Bags: Do not place plastic bags in recycling containers - they jam machinery and disrupt operations at the processing facility. Intead, recycle used plastic bags at grocery stores. 

Plastic Caps, Lids and Tops: No plastic caps, lids, or tops accepted in residential recycling. These items tend to "nestle" inside paper products headed for the paper mill . Those that are less than 2" in diameter and don't mix with paper, tend to falll through the sorting screens.

Transparent plastic deli containers and bakery/vegetable "clamshell" or blister packaging (think of rigid packaging requiring a knife to open) are not part of the residential recycling program.

Block Styrofoam or Peanuts:

Styrofoam may be accepted at Far West Fibers recycling depot for a nominal fee.  Contact 503-234-3000 

Reuse Idea: Styrofoam peanuts can often be taken to local mailhouses for reuse. 

Collection Calendar

Have a long Rural Driveway?

The long driveway/pickup location is a common problem in all rural areas, so common in fact that an industry has grown up around rural people moving their carts.  Other options include leaving the cart near your pickup location and using your old red bin to ferry the recycling to it on your normal trips to and from your house. The link below is a third party vendor (not affiliated) that sells cart transporters

Cart Transporter